House rules

Check-in: 4pm – 8pm (please phone us about earlier or later check‑in).
Check-out: till 12 (please agree on later check-out beforehand).

While staying in the territory of the holiday home, please, observe the house rules, do not create conflict situations and do not make noise between 11.00pm and 7.00am.

We will be thankful if you would separate your waste and save resources (turn off the light in the rooms you don't stay in, use firewood prudently).

In high season* the reservations of five or more days have priority. To make a reservation for a shorter time period, please, contact us no earlier than 2 weeks before the planned stay.

The minimum stay in low season is two nights. One night stay is possible on special occasions: before or after the weekends when all the boilers and fridges are still/yet switched on.

Guests’ visitors permanence in the territory of „Pītagi” should be agreed beforehand and paid separately according to a mutual agreement.

We accept only cash as payment. The nearest ATM is located in Dundaga (25km).


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